Welcome To Shivam Engineers

  • AVS Group was first established in the name of Shivam Engineers in 2001 with the objective of manufacturing and marketing machineries for the pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetic industry. Today the group comprising of Shivam Engineers, AVS Technologies and Welding Solutions are widely catering to two different fields viz Pharmaceutical Industry ansd Sheet Metal Processing Industry

    Pharmaceutical Industry Sector:

    Companies: 1. Shivam Engineers     2. AVS Technologies

    While the company initially started with the manufacture of change parts for manual and semi-automatic capsule filling machines, it has now grown into a full-fledged manufacturing set-up with production lines at two different locations in the metropolis of Mumbai and Pune.

    AVS has established an unparalleled value-chain in order to serve customer base with a complete solution to encapsulation and Liquid Injectible. sIt is one of the reputed Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing companies which build an entire range of capsule filling machines, SPM's and custom designed solutions in injectible.

    AVS has a wide range of products in its stable. The manual capsule filling machine with automatic loading machine, used for various purpose in pharmaceutical industry gives negligible rejections and ensure better return on investments. The semiautomatic machines with ring loading machines are user friendly machines with advanced features which provide a high output. These are coupled with GMP good manufacturing practices and result in higher levels of fill rate accuracy and formulation yields

    The company also manufactures allied machinery and accessories required for making a complete production line for the encapsulation process including machines for elevating, polishing, sorting, loading and the product conveying system.

    As in Injectible section we have a wide presence for Ampoules, cartridges, vials and PFS equipment change parts for all high end Lines of Washing, Filling, Sealing, Lyo Loading, Tray Loading and Matrix Formation during the material handling process.

    AVS Group today has complete infrastructure to produce equipment that are energy-efficient and reliable with high performance levels while being compliant, at the same time, to cGMP and various regulatory requirements. With advanced and innovative features designed and customized to the need of user, AVS's comprehensive range of equipment caters today to reputed names in the pharmaceutical industry.

    The entire manufacturing process is MRP-driven (Material Resource Planning) with controls at every stage ensuring proper integration and monitoring of all procedures and systems within the organization.